First Prototype of the Trimester Done!

Well after working with two other students at university on a prototype for a twin stick action shooter ‘Gun Blaster Tank-Ship Extreme 3: Infinty Laser’ I felt like it was neccessary to write a post mordum as a reminder to the things that did not goes so well and how they were overcome.

So originally I was going to work on balancing and working with numbers and playing the game idley for hours on end to get the working order of each of the enemies in the build. But when it came time to an unexpected misshap to arrive, I was truly baffled when it comes to coding because I had to find a way to make another weapon as our programmer was unavailable due to a power outage. I worked for a few hours on the code as I am not very skilled in scripting, especially when it is someone elses code. But as a lesson to be learnt from the experience is that if I’m having issues with code I need to seek help immediately and have someone explain what it is that I’m doing wrong because staring at a screen for a few hours will not solve any issues I have.

In short, for those who do not want to read through my issues, I cannot code, and I’ve discovered through a horrendous misshap, that I need to get my shit together and learn how to code properly just to do basic things in Unity script so I’m not a detriment to the rest of the team.


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