BeerHunter Play-Testing PostMortem

Play-Testing is an incredibly useful practice in terms of game development. Having played the game from the beginning, from the conceptual stages, compared to picking the game up for the first time, reflect a major difference in understanding and especially, different play styles. I had learnt the level off by heart to the degree which I knew how to navigate the house flawlessly and I could also exploit a few things to gain an advantage in the race for beer. New players, on the other hand, had immense trouble figuring out the controls, navigating through the level and overall, playing the game was difficult for new players.

Upon reflection, which should have come as a revelation earlier, is that offloading all the tasks you can do yourself, onto someone else, leaves you with very little to do. So throughout the time I would have been developing a level in 3DS Max, I was modeling little models to fill the house with a few details to give it some life. Placement of the fridges was assigned to me and after placing them on a floor plan the animator took control of it all. So whilst pondering the best placement for a keg, it would have been much more important to probably collaborate with the animator as the only design student in the group.

I had a rather small amount of work to do whilst the programmers were still creating the scaffold for the game itself, and the animators were creating 3D assets, I was stuck doing the documentation. Game Design Document and the outline for the project. Creating the Gantt chart and organizing rolls in the group were the rolls I assigned myself to get done.

In short, to reflect upon recent events, after reading through the responses for the play-testing, it would be much more beneficial if i had stepped up and taken charge of the ideas, and even collaborating with others, to create game assets and piece the game together, instead of letting others go about doing the work I could help with.


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