Post No One Gets Hurt Project

Well to start off with, I did a number of things that didn’t amount to too much during the course of the production that was used in the final build of the game.

I created new Instructions for the Help menu after the fiasco with no one knowing how to play the game, but from the PNG it was recreated in engine using Text Meshes instead of inserting the png directly.

Created numerous 3D objects for the level but they were brushed aside when the animator had created them also to a higher quality.

Game Design Document and the Gantt chart were created by me with help from Nick Young.

Placement of props in the level including the placement of where the fridges and toilets are, as well as general level testing to make sure the game works well was also done by me.

Regarding the work I’ve done for the project, I can say its helped give me an idea to how it would further improve my standing in level design/environment artistry, but to create a narrative for a multiplayer game using the level was sort of left out as it’s a scramble game and leaves much to be desired for the most part. I got to design a level on paper and hand it off to someone to create the level themselves so I can then work with it but it left me with a load of spare time and took some creative control from me to do any work on the level including tweaks I would have liked to add in.

Considering the depth to the mechanics for Beer Hunter, I wasn’t fully able to show off any cool ideas with displaying the mechanics by creating a level for the player to experience them. I would have liked to go with a single player game that worked as an experience rather than a quick 2 minute multiplayer arcade like game.

Aside from lack of work being put into the game created by myself, I did attempt to create a few small objects that didn’t get fit in due to different art styles/technical ability clashing with other props.

All in all, working on the project was a mixed bag of fun and boredom, times of working hard and times of slow movement.


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