Personal Reference post for Scripting (Ignore, just saved my hide by keeping this information)

Richard’s helpful insights to change my current Code in our third prototype.

What you might do is change “YourFucked2” to Tripwire(); then you can throw in a timer that resets and in Update, have the code to stand him back up when the timer reaches say .. 0.7second or so ..

in Player2dController there is one at the moment :

if (jumpingTimer >= timeForNextJump)


jumping = false;

jumpingTimer = 0.0f;


jumpingTimer += Time.deltaTime;

so the timer can be running in Update TripWire() restes it to 0.0f



jumpingTimer += Time.deltaTime;

//                                            Debug.Log (jumping);

//                                            Debug.Log (jumpingTimer);


If the player jumps, the bool is set to true and then the timer starts.

when it gets to a certain point the bool is turned off, whatever happens is set to happen then the timer is reset, waiting for the next time the bool is activated.


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