Week 9

Started the RPG and got classes down, rough outline of the work going on would be the stats are in place, each of the characters are on screen and do not interact as of yet. No issues yet, apart from having issues with setting up regions to begin with, it was a simple user error by misspelling it completely.


Week 8

Tried implementing the proper raycasts for the Laser once again but due to unforeseeable reasons, it did not work. Upon asking programmers in the Games Studio, they were stumped too (Due to poor coding practice on my part). Added in a kill count, linked the level together to trigger once the kill count max is reached and added in bomb counter and RPG counter. Fixed an issue with the health not going down on occasion as the enemy bullets were hitting the players gun and or the 3D text.

Week 7

Dopey broke. It could not find the player position and the code looked up to scratch and seemed damned near perfect in regards of how it should function. Fixed by rewriting the entire L_LogicScript and fiddled with code placement to see if that fixed anything. It worked and the Dopey character will now target the player. Created Levels 1 and 2

Week 5

Added terrain to a blank project and tried to MacGyver one of the enemies into the level to see how they performed. They didn’t work too well and after 45 minutes of trying to get the circler to work I decided to start fresh and make the enemies again.

Week 4

Player Faces and will move accordingly using Add Force and will fire a bullet in the direction of the camera. Had to rewrite a lot of the code so I could get the camera to follow the player position by moving the player position into a main hunk of code that carries all the stats and stuff, a Logic script really. Made an enemy that would follow the player and deal loads of damage when they moved close enough to the player. Gameplay wise it was a sound idea that it does minor damage if the player sweeps passed it but if stuck on them the player can die within 5 seconds. Second enemy proved more difficult as after implementing the fire rate and the respawn, the enemy refused to move closer to the player and after several iterations of code, I decided to make it a turret enemy. It still took damage and died, it also gave a substantial score bonus for taking it out too. It would always be firing on the player no matter where they were due to mainly the lack of its movement; I made its range larger than the arena. The bombs that were brought in would not replenish after one explodes and I was not sure why, the bombCount would not decrease after one explodes and it meant the fixed amount of bombs would only be 5 total throughout the whole game.

Week 3

The Gun for the player ‘Cube’ was firing copies of the player which also fired more copies of themselves, it was a hilarious bug and it was solved by making the player fire bullets by clicking and dragging the bullet prefab into the inspector menu. No real issues with the assessment, have movement down to turning and such, but not attempted to make the player face/ follow the cursor.

Week 2

Had trouble moving the player in Space Invaders, I hadn’t gotten to work on the firing of the main gun yet because I wanted to get movement down first. Instead of adding force I changed position of the player using Vector2 and Mouse showed us how to create a basic asteroids game.