Update on Third Prototype. Week 12 edition.

Computer has been next to useless, it works as a gaming machine but does not function at all like it should. Unity and Github were broken, along with my graphics card and keyboard and mouse software amongst other things. Being a detrement to the team by not getting any work done, I’ve learnt one very important lesson from all of this. Make sure everyone else in the team can get the work done without you if worse comes to worse. To be thankful that we are in the position that we had less to do than we had time Jaime and Gibs were able to sort out a few things with the project.

Update on things that I have done though since the last update. I threw in 2D assets into the game, including the backgrounds, the tripwires as well as fixed some code. The sound for the Trip Wire also dissapeared it seems from the GitHub merge that I had to do, so proving that isn’t going to happen.

After working on the project documents with Gibs, to tick off my learning outcome as well as managing the team with Gibs, its shown that we have been working at a rather fluent pace. Considering horror stories of being behind tremendously, we were not behind too much until my computer broke. Working with a gantt chart proved incredibly useful and I was thankful that we took the time to go over the dedicated roles and assure that we had all that we need and knew what we needed to know.


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