Pre-Presentation Post Mordem: Prototype 3 ~ Valour

So this prototype was a shame.

The sprite sheets for the project are only going in now, 45 minutes before the presentation for the entire project. Our mechanics are in engine and working, but the game is able to be completed, starting at the main menu and going through to the end for the final cut scene.

The planning for the project helped tremendously to keep us on track throughout the early to mid stages of development. We each knew what we had to do, we could also ask each other things when problems arise due to contact on Facebook and working within the same room for majority of the project. One thing we could not necessarily plan for was a computer malfunction and extreme weather knocking the power out for several of the group members. If a power outage lasted more than a week it was hindrance to our project plan, if a computer died for over a week, it was a determent to the team as a whole as the work load suddenly shifted without moments notice.

Working in the project taught me a few things, such as inserting sprites and other 2D objects into Unity, as well as audio editing and being able to bring up a project document that could be used for the entire team. With these skills I’ll be able to properly show all that I can in a portfolio of work that I can show off what I’ve learnt. I implemented a number of the 2D assets myself and added scripts to them and made sure they looked good and work in the level and a number of scripts were created and edited by myself. ShadowManTrigger and ShadowMan were created entirely by myself along with the trip wire, in using these I had to edit a fair amount of the other scripts in the prototype. I will do a post-presentation post mordem report as well. This is just to get some ideas down to start off my thought processes.


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