Post Mordem Prototype 3

6 weeks of production and we ended up with an ugly, broken and rather boring game with no game attached the mechanics. It was a walking simulator, like piece of meat in an oven set too high, the outside charred black and the inside was an undercooked monstrosity. It wasn’t even a very good walking simulator either.

But enough ranting.

What are the things I did during the project?

I co-wrote the production documents with Gibs which included the high concept document, Game design document and production roles, with the project sheets gantte chart in microsoft project.

I coded the trip wire and the shadow man trigger (which was operational but left out in the final build due to confusion with what it was used for).

I implemented the various 2D assets for the game, including background art and 2D sprites for the trip wires and bear traps throughout developement as they were updated to ‘look better’.

Creating the level layout for the whole game to work within each scene.

As well as managing the project such as making sure people were working on the right thing and who knew where things had to go, such as managing the GitHub so no one broke it and reminding everyone not to overwrite any scenes.

As a whole to look over the project, to say it was a bust would be a waste, because we did learn somethings. Such as, dont let an idea cook for too long and do not make a game that is story driven in a short 6 week time span. Along with a clear idea being put forward and making 100% sure everyone in the group is happy and willing to work on the project. Having issues with questioning ideas and allowing changes to be made throughout production proved rather hazardous to the overall production flow. In the end, no one was happy with the product because, none of us wanted to work on the project after the 3rd week because our ideas shaped a different game in eachothers eyes and trying to put a square in a circle hole doesnt work as well as you would hope.

Some things to take away from this project, not everyone in the group is part of a hive mind of information, communication is key and having ideas is ‘cheap’, don’t bank on a new idea each time they sprout up or else you will have an empire of worthless stock associated with the project, by the time you want to cash out, you will have little to nothing to show for it.

General concensus in prototype 3: Not our game ~ Valour, it wasn’t a game and communication failed us and general lack of motivation killed the project early.


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