Project Managment Methods for Prototype 3

Click each image above to start the slideshow and learn more about each.

On top of the project documents above, another method we employed was using GitHub, which I reminded everyone constantly how to use/what not to press. I have used GitHub for the previous 2 prototypes as well and it proved just as useful for the 3rd project.

As proof that I did use GitHub and show its usefulness, under the username: Filupio I commited my changes to the master file for Valour. I also kept everyone up to date with what was on GitHub and made sure everyone used the right naming conventions and added in commit notes.

Over all using the above project managment tools, the third project went smoothly as soon as these were implemented. Before the project plan was brought along and proper tasks were defined for each member of the team the team was able to properly distinguish what eachothers roles were. There were issues however with the amount of time left over for a contingency plan. Where I had personal issues with my computer at home and worked as hard as I could in studio, the time that set us back for my duties didn’t allow for the amount of time lost. We had to cut one scripting asset that I had to work on yet and it was excluded from the final build of the game due to computer issues. As far as working within a methodology, Gibs was our scrum master. We had meetings to sort out what we had to do and the final call for what was going to be done was left up to Gibs, whilst also being there to listen to what issues we had, Gibs was a great project leader that was always on task and made sure that as a team we didn’t drift from the brief.

Taking in all this information about the project management, if we had a clear methodology from the beginning and allowed ourselves less time to brainstorm so we can get kicked into gear, and to also speak our minds, the project would have gone a little better. I have learnt alot from this prototype specifically because I was tasking people with work and how much time they should be allocated alongside Gibs and watching how much more productive everyone was when all these tasks were written down and properly analysed first to see how much time was neccessary for each item.


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