Week 4

Player Faces and will move accordingly using Add Force and will fire a bullet in the direction of the camera. Had to rewrite a lot of the code so I could get the camera to follow the player position by moving the player position into a main hunk of code that carries all the stats and stuff, a Logic script really. Made an enemy that would follow the player and deal loads of damage when they moved close enough to the player. Gameplay wise it was a sound idea that it does minor damage if the player sweeps passed it but if stuck on them the player can die within 5 seconds. Second enemy proved more difficult as after implementing the fire rate and the respawn, the enemy refused to move closer to the player and after several iterations of code, I decided to make it a turret enemy. It still took damage and died, it also gave a substantial score bonus for taking it out too. It would always be firing on the player no matter where they were due to mainly the lack of its movement; I made its range larger than the arena. The bombs that were brought in would not replenish after one explodes and I was not sure why, the bombCount would not decrease after one explodes and it meant the fixed amount of bombs would only be 5 total throughout the whole game.


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