Week 13

I had to make space invaders for Studio 1. I was using AddForce to move the aliens from one side of the screen and when I found that the aliens would move too fast for the AddForce for the opposite direction to take effect, I changed the AddForce to a var move Vector3 position over Time.deltaTime and it solved my issues.


Week 11

Got some bare basics of combat going, but it uses a very Dwarf Fortress style wherein it uses almost every key imaginable. Making it rather hard to learn and play. The update function where it began using the character select function was breaking the game as it always defaulted to choosing the Warrior due to the lines of If statements causing it to go straight to the last possibility, because it was updating constantly and returning Null every time due to coder errors.

Week 12

Working through Week 12 in conjunction with the Studio 1 project prompted me to all but ignore the assessment, along with a computer that had failed to launch unity anymore and a lack of motivation, it was like a sign from god that I should not continue this assessment. From what little work I did do, I had trouble fixing the code from week 11 and working my way through getting unity to accept that I had selected a character. The damage system was put in and was ready to use but it did not get to that point because I ran out of time and had other work to do. To better myself in the future it will definitely be advised to get as much scripting done as quick as possible and not leave it this late in the project time.

I made Space Invaders

I was tasked with making Space Invaders, so I threw this together within a short nights span. Trying various ways to get the enemy drones to move and how to change their direction. Initially starting with rigidbody.AddForce, and ending with a simple Move to (This) Vector3 position over the span of a real time equivalent. Tried to have the directions change when the enemy drones hit the boundary of the camera whilst it changed the Z axis once it hits the boundary. It did not work after an hour and a half so I chose to go with triggers placed in each level. It has 3 levels, as of the time of submitting to my GitHub the levels keep the overall number of lives and add one more row of enemies each, moving from 3 rows to 4 and then 5 rows of enemies to destroy.