Studio 2 Week 1

Studio 2 is a thing! Make a game in a week! I chose mine to be about censorship. I seem to make negative progress by the time I dig into the work. I can happily design stuff and work my way through the process of how mechanics work and how they change the game, but as soon as I have to do them, its like hitting a brick wall, that punches back.

I worked on getting the basis of the game working, moving up to specific items will prompt a text pop up with some flavour text added in, allowing the player to remove the content from the world. Also pop up text from an NPC who will respond to the removal of an item. Having not initially understanding what coding practice I should utilize, it took longer than expected and I feel like I’ve wasted my time on this project. Despite all that, I’ve managed to set the game up to a point where I can easily implement more content, based off of the initial framework. Aside from that, all I can really say is work is being done, and will be ready in some form or another by Thursday.


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