The beginning of the Project 2 “Winter”

I’ve been working on the GDD, though not very much has been added, I’ve been internally contemplating, talking to an Audio guy; Francis. The internet has been playing up for me as of late so loading my Google Drive has proven more than troublesome and a quick prototype to see if I like the movement for the top down segment of my project was completed on Saturday, and since deleted because it was relatively simple in design.

Some insights I’ve had for getting my NPC dog to be attached to the player in some way was to think of ways to have it act on something the player wants, without them realizing it. I was contemplating having the dog stick by the player when it was not chasing down animals, but as soon as a rabbit is visible in the game screen it’d chase it down for the player, leaving the player to hunt for themselves. I was hoping some form of bond and co-operation would happen here, forming some artificial trust or actual trust in the companion would be viable.

To strengthen the players connection to the dog, I was hoping to implement a naming feature to the companion, but knowing the general gaming audience would take the Pokemon route and name it like they would their rivals, with a plethora of swear words, and derogatory terms. So its still up for consideration if it should be added in, considering a the emotion tied to the companion is ruined if its lovingly called “FuckFace”.

Since I’ve been working on an audio asset log, I’ve come to realize that games have a huge amount of audio in them, and should probably dedicate some time to getting the right descriptions for the assets I want.


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