Design Insights Project 2

My random thoughts over the week of working on my game.

Ask the player a question, of someone that they trust, or someone that they love? It’ll excuse the derogatory terms dilemma when naming your companion.

Working on Navmesh in 2D settings do not work, as the Navmesh is working on the X and Z axis as opposed to my original X and Y axis.

I should either buy a Navmesh 2D plug in, or move my work to the X and Z planes.

Rewrite the movement, so W = moveUD = 1, S = moveUD = -1; Not fun ^^^^ Fixed the rotation. Movement does not work as intended. Redo movement. Have dog set to chase after the rabbit that is closest to it?

If statement, asking what level it is, if the scene is Cabin, set the movement to lock the W and S keys, as well as the Q and E rotation keys. If it is outside it’ll bring back the normal top down controls.

If statements showing the dogs health(?) If the dog is OK to go out it’ll sit by the door, if it is sad and wants to play it’ll stand in the middle of the room. If it is sad and does’t want to do anything, or close to death, it’ll sit by the bed. If statement random between 2 values, 1 means winter blizzard, 2 means clear skies.

Moving towards the door, if blizzard, text dialogue pop up saying “its too cold, I’ll die out there” Pressing E will send the dog out. If statement of how well the dog is doing, will determine the chances of it dying.

I broke my movement (Saturday) and after 7 hours of working on the movement, the dog logic, the bunny logic, the Nav Meshing issues with the spawn points and such and then the GameManager died halfway through implementation due to me completely missing a simple line screw up.

I have the basis for the Dialogue implemented, now I just have to write up the dialogue, and set up where and when I want specific stuff to pop up. Looking at the current rate of things, I believe I’ll be able to have a very poor game by Thursday, but I’ll most definitely continue work on this project because I thoroughly enjoy the idea, and desperately want to get this emotion game working.


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