Working with other disciplines

Working with other disciplines is interesting. Talking to other game designers, we have an understanding what each other is talking about, but I was chatting with an artist on Deviant art, and an animation student in France on Skype, and it felt like a culture shock that the way they speak is entirely different to the way we speak. Designers are like, “Oh so its linked this way, this happens, OH and then it creates this, oh thats cool”, translate to a artist, and they’re like, “Heh?”

I arranged to pay an artist to do art for my CIU project, and talking about what we want in the project, and how to translate it into art was difficult. I would talk about mechanics and explain the progress of the project in its finished state, whereas the artist, Lindsey Adwell was interested in knowing more details about scenery, less about details of the game, but the actual art. It was an interesting experience, because she would ask a multitude of questions that I hadn’t even thought of, such as what lighting is in the scene, where is the text going so she can put a text box in for me, and things such as, Vector or painting images? What aspect ratio should she be working with. So I got some insight as to how the hell an artists brain works.


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