How do I force a burn moment in this game?

This weekend was spent by majority trying to discover what could be considered a ‘burning’ moment between players. Much like Dyadic theres forced co-operation between the players, but in Stealth Buddies, there is a shared punishment. So you can’t push on forth without your buddy, because their failure is yours too.

So I’ve spent this weekend thinking of ways that will stay true to the mechanics we have in place, but also allow one player to have a hand over the other. My team was thinking of adding as the final level a simple choice. Which player gets to collect the Holy Grail, and do they return to have their buddy join in on the glory, or do they run off with the magic cup that will grant them fortune and immortality?

I believe the above option is a tad cheap but it may fulfill what I’m trying to do, but I believe it clashes with the original flow and feeling of the game. I need to work this out before Thursday so there is something new to play test.


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